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Warehousing analysis


Our tasks are very diverse, such as e.g. improving turnover rate, improving routines and job descriptions; we analyse all active item numbers and chart which costs they drive. LogistikPartner looks at delivery performance and takes a critical look at he groups of items that are regulated by special market-related mechanisms.

The basis for undertaking an optimisation of the company’s lager takes the current situation of the company as its starting point, together with the customer’s expectations/needs!

A project is adapted 100% to the customer’s individual needs and expectations.

The working process takes as its starting point a classification of all of the products in the lager. Everything from raw materials, semi-manufacture, spare parts and finished products.
A thorough analysis is conducted to identify the total cost pattern, risk elements and service expectations. LogistikPartner ensures a solution that improves the company’s quality towards the end customer
Analysis and classification
During the analysis phase we are present in person at the customer. In this phase we will, in cooperation with the customer, draw up specific goals for the company’s lagers.

In the drawing up of the optimisation strategy, the starting point is that the existing production, sales and purchasing will benefit from the total solution chosen.
We are at the customer’s premises
LogistikPartner works on solutions that significantly increase the turnover rate of the company’s lager. Solutions are drawn-up that tangibly reduce dead tied-up capital. In short - LogistikPartner contributes to increasing the company’s CASH flow. Minimisation of tied-up capital
When LogistikPartner maps out the lager, different methods are employed (such as ABC analysis and profitability analysis). It is important that the different behaviour patterns are described, such as handling, purchasing behaviour and sales and procurement costs etc. The supplier may also be incorporated in the process, where this could be/is necessary.

The mapping out shows the true level of activity in your company and the total costs.
Structured mapping out of behaviour and costs
LogistikPartner takes a fresh look at opportunities for optimisation of current procedures and business procedures (launch new ideas for a more efficient working day in the lager). LogistikPartner is happy to implement the new measures; this is individually agreed with the customer. Implementation
The company’s costs are minimal when compared with the total costs saved. LogistikPartner’s goal is a quick return Quick return
LogistikPartner ensures that the company’s logistic and processes are adapted for the future and the new challenges it brings. Goal