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LogistikPartner is a logistics and freight consultancy.

Your partner for::

  • Operational logistics analysis (dispatch, warehousing and freight)
  • Process optimisation and cost reduction in warehousing and transport
  • Warehouse/fleet outsourcing
  • Invoice auditing
  • Tools to give transparency in the daily work


Now more than ever a firm’s ability to optimise its processes and exploit potential savings determines its success in the marketplace.

At the same time, the demands on both internal and external logistics are becoming ever more complex owing to the increasing globalisation of business processes.

It is therefore wise to bring a partner “on board” to identify room for improvement by exercising his experience, knowledge of the market and skill from the perspective of an impartial observer and assist with the implementation of new systems.

It is LogistikPartner primary goal to optimise the logistics chain from purchasing to distribution while improving efficiency. In other words: we safeguard or improve the quality of your logistics while reducing your costs.

LogistikPartner is competent to deal with every area of transport, sea, air and road freight, dispatch and warehousing.

LogistikPartner implements every project in close cooperation with the client, who is with us from the requirements analysis to the project presentation, as we consider it vital that the client should always have his finger on the pulse. And we are also there for you after implementation, of course, ensuring a smooth transition to the new logistics system.

But a project is just that, a project. Once your logistics have been successfully transformed and you no longer need us, our job is done and we move on to new assignments. This means that there is no need to commit yourselves to us for longer than you want, because…

Our success lies in our thoroughness!