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Auditing and inspection of invoices

The invoicing of ingoing and outgoing transports is a topic in every company. It can be very difficult to completely understand a freight invoice from a carrier. There is a multitude of different rates. Which of these does the purchaser of the transport service actually have to pay?

Depending on the number of transports that are carried out, the type of transportation used and the complexity of the tariff structure, large personnel capacities are involved. Inspecting the invoices for freight and services demands a great deal of time. New destinations and customers are constantly arriving, so that the updating of the offers and the tariff master files becomes a permanent function.

In particular, sea and air freight invoices are very complicated. This is due to the many different rates and conversion factors. Parts of the freight are in dollars, others in Euros. Added to this are concepts such as Incoterms which make it difficult for the freight purchaser to understand the invoices.

LogistikPartner would be happy to take over this work for you!

Our services:

  • We inspect all transport invoices (monthly) in respect of the accuracy of factuality and rates. LogistikPartner has 3 different variants for the account control (selected by the customer).
  • We regularly update your relevant master files and freights from all carriers and service providers (new destinations etc.).
  • We prepare identification codes and statistics.
  • Based on your dispatch and tariff data we carry out freight cost benchmarking periodically. Then you always know whether your freight agreements are in line with market conditions.
  • If required, we will put your transport volume out to new tender and take on the complete decision making preparation for you.

LogistikPartner relieves you of the work and makes your transport costs transparent!