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Freight analysis

A detailed analysis of the entire logistics process, from purchasing to distribution, forms the basis of each project. During this period we are always there, “looking over your shoulder”. Analysis
Experience has shown us that it is always a good idea to have an outsider look at things and query how they are done.
It is quite usual for savings and optimisation potential to be spotted first in how purchasing and distribution logistics are handled, for example.
New ideas / synergies, new methods
If a project is to be successful, requirement analysis is of central importance. In this process the quality requirements for freight and warehousing are reviewed together with the client and visualised. As our work is based on the principle that quality must be at least as good after the completion of a LogistikPartner project as it was before, if not even better, this is where the benchmark for our success is set, so to speak. Definition of quality standards
Once we have tracked down internal potential for improvement and defined the requirements, we turn our attention to external partners. Benchmarking external service providers is something we do on a daily basis. This core skill and our independence enable us to provide an up-to-date, detailed summary of potential suppliers and their specific capabilities Market transparency
Detailed analysis and market transparency enable you to select the partner who best combines the twin objectives of OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE and MINIMAL COSTS. Cost/benefit optimum


We can’t command the wind, but we can reset the sails and change course together.